Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Importance of Water and Carbon

Having started off with some human geography (Changing Spaces), January seems a good time to get started with the physical...
So here is my first lesson on the importance of water and carbon. I know there has been some anxiety about the inclusion of the carbon cycle in the new A-level spec, and my first impression, from planning the first few lessons, is that it is quite sciencey (and maths too!), more so than the last spec (at least, the AQA one). 

While this may be challenging for both teachers and students, I hope it will also have some benefits, such as better preparing students for degrees in geography (where the science and maths cannot be avoided!) and raising the status of the subject as one which is just as academically rigorous as any other 'traditional' A-level, rather than an 'easy option' for students who can't decide on a 3rd/4th subject or didn't get the grades to study science or maths.

Plus, maybe it's just me but personally I find the carbon cycle really interesting, so I'm quite happy to be teaching it! You can download my lesson from the links below, please let know if you find it helpful and would like any more. Or whether I should narrate them as YouTube videos for revision purposes?

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