Thursday, 19 May 2016

Top Tips for Acing the AQA GEOG2 Exam

Here is a complete table for you to fill in re. tip #6 filled in already with examples. Download the word document HERE.

If the question asks about…

I will write about…
Background theory/concept
The Bradshaw Model and geographical knowledge about how channelization affects river processes

Data collection
The dog biscuit method to measure velocity
Qualitative data
Power’s scale of angularity, field sketch
Quantitative data
Velocity in ms-1, channel dimensions (e.g. width) in cm
Primary data
Any of the above
Secondary data
OS Getamap application to measure the distance of each site from the source

Data presentation
My line graph of velocity
Data analysis
Spearman’s Rank
Modern Technology
Google Maps to choose the location of each site, GPS to locate each site, OS Getamap application to measure distance of each site from source, Microsoft Office to present and analyse data

Say what I found out and explain why my results showed this, including any anomalies.

Say whether it was good or bad and explain why it was good or bad. Suggest improvements.

Say what I did
Say why I did it (i.e why was it suitable for my situation/data) and why it was better than other options

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