Thursday, 24 September 2015

Desert Landform Videos!

So, each year I really struggle to teach landforms, for rivers, deserts, coastal, glacial - any environment. There are just so many different types listed and it's OK for the first few but then it just gets so tedious having to draw and label and explain each one.

So, this is my latest idea - getting the students to make videos! I'm planning to offer a prize for the best one (not sure what yet!) so give them some incentive and to give them some ideas here's one I made when planning this lesson (took me about 2 hours in total using an android app called PicPac). It's far from perfect but it's the best I could do in the time available, and good enough to get the key information across. I would really like to make a better one during half term when I have a little more time (or maybe that's just wishful thinking!) that students could actually watch for revision.

I plan to give them students one hour and a half lesson to make the video (with guidance for each landform, e.g. the key points they must include for the exam), finish it for homework and then they can watch each others videos the next lesson and try applying what they've learnt to some exam questions.

Hopefully I will be posting the students' videos too next week, if this works!

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