Sunday, 5 April 2015

Are YOU prepared for the GEOG2 exam?

One of the THE MOST IMPORTANT things you need to do to prepare for your AS Geography exams is to practice your EXAM TECHNIQUE. Hopefully this post can help you do just that!

As somebody who has used hours and hours of my life trawling through hundreds of exam answers and trying to figure out what mark to give them (or trying to figure out what the heck they even say in some, or dare I say many cases) it still pains me to see how few people actually manage to READ THE QUESTION, let alone employ any other examination skills, such as knowing the difference between describe and explain... or what a pie chart is...

Ahem, sorry for the rather negative tone there but it really does make me yell at my computer when I see so many evidently able and bright students being let down by their poor exam technique. I know it's hard to find time to revise information AND think about how to apply it in the exam, but it's worth spending a little less time on memorising facts by heart and more time on how to follow command words, structure your answers and make sure you express your opinion.

One way you can improve your exam technique is by:
1) Knowing what type of question could come up by looking at past exam questions
2) Knowing what the examiner will be looking for by looking at mark schemes
3) Reading the examiner report to see what mistakes other students make so you can avoid them!

Since it is a rather tedious job to go through all these documents (available on the AQA website) I have attempted to make your life a bit easier so you can send more time revising and less time waiting for documents to download onto your computer and scrolling up and down though pages of pdf documents.

Please check out my presentation at this link:

DO NOT click the arrow to go through the presentation in order. The idea is for you to click on a skill you want to revise and it will take you to an exam question where you will find further links for the mark scheme, examiner comment, or to return back to the home page to try another skill.

Please let me know if you found this resource helpful and give me any suggestions for improvement or other resources you would like to see. And good luck in your exams! :)

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