Saturday, 10 January 2015

Strangers of Hurricane Katrina

I recently discovered this podcast called Strangers, which has been keeping me company on my commute the past few weeks. Each episode is  a different real life story around the theme of strangers; how strangers can become friends and family, and how people you already know can become strangers to you in different ways.

Last week I listened to this episode, which featured a man who became a stranger to his own daughter before being reunited years later. Part of his story was about his experience of Hurricane Katrina and his personal account of how this event changed his life.

It gave a real insight into the severe and long-lasting impact that a natural disaster can have on an individual person and how it really can change the course of their lives. I feel like it's something that's often missed when we learn about the impact of natural disasters, we see the stats: this many killed, this many injured, this many homeless, but rarely do we remember that each of those numbers is a person with their own lives and feelings and experiences.

He talks about the storm from 5.20 - 9.20 mins and I thought this would make an interesting clip to use in a lesson on hurricanes or if you're looking at Katrina for a case study. I highly recommend you listen to the rest of the episode too, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes too, it's great!

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