Monday, 8 December 2014

The Storm Hydrograph Revision and Exam Technique

So, I spent about 40 hours (seriously, it took me HOURS) making a video tutorial to help my AS class after they almost all failed some homework questions on the storm hydrograph. I didn't have the lesson time to go over it again so I thought by making a video they could learn about it in their own time. Here are the questions if you'd like to use them:

Lets hope their homework has improved when they resubmit it! And I'm also hoping there's some more students out there who can benefit from my video. Please subscribe to my channel - if I get enough viewers I'll make some more videos and take requests. Even thought it took me a long time I actually enjoyed doing it, and it's worth it if it helps out some fellow geographers! Hope you like it!

p.s. apologies for the few mistakes and blurry images, it's my first try so it's not perfect, and to be honest I think I will jump out the window if I have to spend any more time editing it! However, it you spot anything that is totally wrong or incoherent please let me know! 

I now have a new appreciation for all those other video tutorials on YouTube....!!

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