Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Kissimmee River Restoration Resources

I've already done a blog post on the Kissimmee with some revision notes but I thought it would be useful to upload some more resources that I used in the lesson. Thank you to Mrs Humanities for inspiring me to add some resources!

First of all I have to point out the spelling of 'Kissimmee' as with all those double letters it can be easy to make a mistake, and you don't want to spelling the names of your case studies incorrectly! So here is a way I came up with:

The next thing we did was to watch a documentary about the restoration. It's pretty old, made back when the restoration was just starting, but it's nice to get a feel for what the river and its ecosystem are like, and it leaves your guessing as to whether it was successful or not, which you can then go and find out after. We filled in a quiz while watching it which you can download here: 




The final activity in the lesson was attempting this exam question. We had already studied the Three Gorges Dam the lesson before (I'll will try to put up some resources for that too!) and we'd looked at different methods of hard and soft engineering so this seemed a good way to check how much the students had learnt and test their discussion skills.

I used a writing template and got the students to highlight the strong/weak arguments to help them structure their answers better and help them to understand how to show 'discussion' in an essay, which was be difficult to do explicitly unless you're shown how. You can download the writing template and mark scheme here:

If anyone has a really good answer to this question and you wouldn't mind me putting it up on this blog please email it to hafsa@geogarific.com. Thanks and I hope this was useful!

Oh, and here is a word version of the Kissimmee revision notes:


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