Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What Is Separatism?

With the recent referendum on Scottish independence and the current conflict in Ukraine, it seemed like a good time for a quick guide to what separatism is all about

What is Separatism?

Separatism is when a group of people want more political control over the area in which they live.
They want to be ‘separate’ from the rest of their country either by becoming a totally new independent country (e.g. when part of Sudan broke away to become South Sudan) or they may want to remain a part of the same country but have some of their own laws (they want more autonomy), for example, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom but some of their laws are different to the laws in England.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Should I Take Geography A-level?

Michael completed his Geography A-level 2 years ago and went on to study at University. Geogarific asked him to look back on his time at college to give us an insight into his experience, and give new students some helpful tips on how to make the most of it.

Mike and his classmates on an AS Geography field trip

Why did you decide to study Geography at A-level?
I chose to study geography as it is a good precursor to the kind of degree I wanted to do. It also provides an invaluable balance between fieldwork, independent study and essay writing.

What other subjects did you study and did they complement each other?
I studied Geology and Biology alongside Geography. Geology and Geography have an obvious cross over; this allowed me to interchange knowledge between the two subjects providing greater depth to my understanding of the physical processes that shape the Earth.

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