Sunday, 6 July 2014

Best Teacher Ever!

Awww 3 of my AS Geog students (Sam, Yas and Lucy) got me a present today since it was my last lesson with them :(

We spent our last lesson watching a (educational) movie (Shooting Dogs), eating popcorn and partaking in a countries of the world competition (which revealed a disturbing lack of basic geographical knowledge... not naming anyone in particular).

First prize was the State of the World Atlas, well done Yasmin! (Though she was almost beaten to it by Sam). I chose it because it's more interesting than a normal Atlas (to a teenager at least) and it's pretty up to date (2013) which is always good for geographical stuff.

Anyway, thank you to my 3 students (out of 6) who made the effort to turn up (I'm guessing the other 3 decided it wasn't worth the trip to college to watch a movie but just so you know I take it as a personal insult that you didn't attend! You better say bye to me on results day instead...!!!!!). And thank you for the lovely present, it means a lot. Good choice too since I am a tea addict, especially at work, plus I am always looking for a pen!

NB - by 'today' I actually mean 2 days ago, I don't actually teach lessons on Sunday thank goodness....

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