Thursday, 15 August 2013

Smiles and Tears

Results day tends to bring about one of 3 reactions...

1) Joy and relief that you've achieved the grades you worked hard for (perhaps you were one grade off but you still got into uni)

2) Disappointment and distress that you haven't achieved what you were hoping for, despite working hard. Or your fears of failing after all those lessons you missed due to your personal circumstances have come true.

3) Disappointment and distress at the realisation that spending all year partying/procrastinating/being otherwise distracted or just lazy has resulted in you failing/doing rubbish in your exams.

If you were in category one today (as some of my A-level students were) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! =D. Or as I like to say, WOOOOO YEEAAHH!!!!

Feel free to dance around the room, hug random strangers (please stay away from anyone who is too strange looking) or eat an entire chocolate cake in one sitting. You could even have a revision notes bonfire but your notes are probably too precious to consider doing that and you probably plan to keep them neatly filed away for at least the next fifteen years until you're forced to get rid of them to make space for your new baby! Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy a well deserved celebration, you should feel very proud of yourself! I hope this inspires you to continue your hard work and success into the future.

If you're in the second group (which others of my students unfortunately found themselves in today), please try not to feel too upset. Take a step back and try to look at things objectively. If you were hoping to go to university is this still an option? You might not have got your first choice but do you have a back up or could you get in through clearing? Maybe this is a sign that A-levels aren't for you and you'd be more successful at something else? Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do and you need better grades to achieve it so the only way is to retake the year? If so, a year might seem like a long time, but don't despair! Think of what else you can do in this year (work experience, save up money, extra curricular activities) and how good your grades could be at the end. Lots of people have a year (or more) out and it ends up being a positive thing. You'll be more mature and more prepared for uni. Whatever happens, perhaps it's a 'blessing in disguise', maybe if you had got the grades you wanted and got into the uni you wanted you would have hated it or something worse would have happened to you. I know this is hard to believe right now but often things that we think are bad actually lead to something good, and vice versa. Just remember, don't give up! you can do it if you try!! A-level students, feel free to contact me for advice and I will try to help if I can!

Finally, if you are feeling upset about being in group number 3, (I hope you're not one of my students!) well, so you should be!! I'm afraid I don't have much sympathy for you. However, if you are now regretting your indolence and resolving to turn over a new leaf, I fully support you, that is admirable, if you really mean it. I hope you have learnt from your mistakes and won't repeat them! If you really do mean to change make a plan, get some help, get organised, make a real effort this time. Good luck!

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