Sunday, 11 March 2012

70 Million Views in 7 Days?

Please check out this video and leave comments below with your thoughts. 

Are you going to join in on April 20th?

NB - this is very relevant to conflicts for A2


  1. Whilst I support the motives of the movement in removing Kony, I have to question the ethics of the charity. With only 30% of the funding going directly to the cause and the rest going on marketing I'm very sceptical. Furthermore, I find it worrying that the invisible children organisation seeks to fund the Ugandan military, which is known to be corrupt, alongside the moral dilemma of funding any war.

  2. Hi Joe, at first after seeing the video and hearing the initial criticism I thought, can't everyone just appreciate the fact that they're trying to do something good?? However, I then saw this video: (actually it wasn't the link I've put below because I can't find it, but this is similar)!

    which changed my mind somewhat, and yes, the fact that the people behind this are getting rich out of it, and only 30% or so is going to charity is just wrong really. I know they have to advertise but come on, that's a little excessive. And then what's this about the narrator being arrested for masturbating in public?!? Also, I'm rather skeptical of all these politicians supporting the cause, and Obama agreeing to send in troops.... that NEVER happens without some sort of hidden agenda. I know they supposedly explained that in the video - that they sent the troops in as a response to this campaign and it was the first time they're done it just because it was the right thing to do, and for no ulterior motive... but I still don;t buy it 100%. And yes, the Uganda military aren't exactly angels. So, to conclude I will continue to send my donations to more genuine charities and I will not be joining in on April 20th. I do hope they catch Kony for sure, but I'm not sure I agree with how they're going about it.


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