Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Plate Tectonics - Useful video clips

Check out these videos on plate tectonics - very useful for revision if you like watching things and to re-cap what we've learnt in the first few plate tectonics lessons:

Structure of the earth: http://museumvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/discoverycentre/dynamic-earth/videos/earths-internal-structure/

 Explosive vs Effusive Eruptions http://museumvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/discoverycentre/dynamic-earth/videos/eruption-of-different-types-of-volcano/

Volcanic Eruptions and Human Life: http://museumvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/discoverycentre/dynamic-earth/videos/volcanic-eruptions-and-human-life/

There are also other videos relevant to plate tectonics, which can be found down the left hand side of the page.

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